Values and ‘Why’ Statement

Our ‘Why’ Statement: We believe that each of our clients should be given the opportunity to take a look at themselves in the mirror. We are entrusted to give them an honest assessment of that reflection. 

At The Shealy Group, we use the analogy of “holding up a mirror” to describe how we motivate and engage our clients. We show them how they ‘look’ financially when negotiating with banks or reviewing financial statements and professionally when interacting with customers. With each client interaction we incorporate and are mindful of our core values: trust, accountability, teamwork and education.

We value the trust that each of our clients gives us. We work closely with our clients building a strong working relationship that is honest and transparent. We hold ourselves accountable for our role in and how we accommodate our clients’ needs. We put our clients first, not just from a consultant-client relationship perspective, but wholly from an industry perspective evaluating how industry changes will affect our client personally and professionally. Our client centricity is what sets us apart from our competition. We value teamwork and we are proud of our work and what our founder, Dave Shealy has created. Our office staff is a tight knit, family-like group that works together on projects to gain a different perspective or idea of how to tackle an issue or special project. Education is of the utmost importance to us and we strive to educate ourselves and our clients, not just on compliance issues and financial statements, but also on how to take advantage of opportunities that arise within their respective industry. We continually maintain industry related group and alliance memberships that provide to us with new and vital information that subsequently help us to best serve our clients.

Trust: Our advisors create strong bonds with our clients that allow us to maintain and protect their information and interests as if it were our own. We give honest opinions of their current financial or operational situation and suggestions on how we can help them grow.

Accountability: Our team takes responsibility for ourselves, our work and our role when working and interacting with our clients. We perform our services efficiently and on time with set budgets and deadlines.

Teamwork: When collaborating on a project, our team uses all of our experience, education and skill sets collectively to reach the best outcome for our client and their interests. We also rely on our alliance partners and affiliations to help us deliver the stellar service that our clients expect.

Education: As consultants, we educate ourselves to subsequently educate our clients and empower them to make the best decisions for themselves and their businesses. Our advisors recognize the importance of professional development through ongoing education and coursework as well as participation in conferences and knowledge driven seminars hosts by our alliance membership partners.