Does Your Organization Need Help from a Healthcare Consultant?  By: Tiffany Lotridge, MBA- Consultant

Does Your Organization Need Help from a Healthcare Consultant? By: Tiffany Lotridge, MBA- Consultant

When speaking to people at networking events or conferences, I am often asked “what exactly does a Healthcare Consultant do?” This is a fair question as there are a lot of different components to the healthcare industry. For the sake of sounding like a superhero, “I go where I am needed” to help my clients with any problems or question they have. Revenue cycle, medical billing, compliance, office work flow, EMR systems-These are just some of the areas in the field that a consultant can help you with. Whether you’re having a major issue within your organization or just need to make small changes for improvement, a health care consultant can give an opinion, guidance and sometimes just another perspective to help you make the best decision.

At the Shealy Group, we focus on credentialing/re-credentialing, financial planning and budgeting, EMR software consultations, implementation and upgrades, current process improvements for revenue cycle and work flow, designing physician performance plans and answering questions about new healthcare regulations. We also have a network of alliances that can help us to help you, in the event your need is complex or requires some legal involvement.

In many ways, hiring a consultant to help you manage some of your office functions can be very cost effective. For example, we manage the provider credentialing for a few of our healthcare clients. This is a very cost effective and also convenient service that allows our clients to focus on their other aspects of their business and most importantly, patient care. Having a current member of the staff or hiring a new staff member to manage credentialing can not only be stressful for the current staff member but also costly to hire and provide benefits to a new staff member. Credentialing is a time consuming and sometimes a tricky task- but it’s also vital to ensure proper reimbursement for your services. Handing this function over to a trusted consultant keeps you and your staff focused on patient care and your overhead costs down.

Have a question or an issue that you are not sure how to address? Give us a call at The Shealy Group! Our trusted consultants can help to answer your questions and give you an honest assessment of what we think would be the best option for you and your organization. We love to solve problems, we’re super like that! For more information or updates on Healthcare industry changes follow up on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn or subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter by sending a request using our contact us link below!