MACRA Reporting and Your Current Electronic Medical Records System. By: Tiffany Lotridge, MBA- Consultant

MACRA Reporting and Your Current Electronic Medical Records System. By: Tiffany Lotridge, MBA- Consultant

Data reporting, which is a MIPS requirement, is a huge piece of the puzzle of compliance with the new Medicare reform bill. Many of you that were required to report or chose to report this year more than likely pulled together the data from your current EMR system to submit to Medicare. The general consensus is that pulling this date is somewhat tedious and in some cases hard to narrow down in order to comply with what Medicare is requiring. For those who thought to themselves “there must be a better way or an easier way”, here are some questions to ask your EMR administrator to ensure that for 2018 reporting and beyond, your system is working with you and that you are on track for the highest Medicare reimbursement!

Q: Is the system I use designed to pull Quality, Improvement Activity and Advancing Care Data? If it’s not, can we make a custom report that meets Medicare Standards?

Quality Data makes up 60% of the data to be reported, so it is important to make sure that the data is representing your organization correctly. Be sure to ask your EMR administrator if they are compliant with the newest Medicare reporting standards. If they are not or are in the process of updating when it is time for you to report, ask how they can help you to develop a report on your current system that accurately represents your organization’s quality data.

Q: If you are not currently updating, when it is next planned update for my EMR system? Will these updates be helpful to me when pulling data for reporting?

Many EMR companies will tell you, if they tried to keep up with the amount of changes the industry has (in general) and create updates for their system every single time a policy changes-you would be forced to update your EMR constantly. I recently had a call with one of the leading EMR administrators in the mental health field and though they are constantly updating their system’s features, they roll out the updates to their customers in phases. This company utilizes the built in test environment for updates and allows their customers to see how it works first. The customer then decides whether or not to go forward with updating their live environment with those changes. I liked this approach. It still gives access to the updates and allows you to be informed, but ultimately leaves the decision to update up to you.

Q: How often are you updating our EMR to stay in compliance with Medicare?

EMR companies know how often and how quickly Medicare and other major insurance companies change their rules and standards for compliance. Their team should be working diligently to ensure that their system features are compliant with all Medicare and payer updates. Keep in touch with your administrator. Don’t wait on them to tell you when to update-its best to stay informed and in charge of your EMR service.

Like I have mentioned before, Medicare reform and healthcare industry rules and regulations can be confusing and will be an ever changing entity within the industry. I have found with most things in life that knowledge is power. If you’re keeping yourself informed and remaining in control of your organization and its resources, you’ll be in a much stronger position to make the best decision for your organization. If you need help navigating through the changes or need more information on the best EMR system for your business, contact one of our Healthcare Specialists! We are happy to help you make an informed decision that you can feel confident about. For more information and industry updates follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn or subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter by sending a request via the 'contact us' form.