The Shealy Group is Taking Huge Strides to Enhance our Cyber Security

The Shealy Group is Taking Huge Strides to Enhance our Cyber Security

Cyber Security is a hot topic in every industry, but for a consulting and CPA firm that deals with confidential and personal, identifiable client information, we are certainly “feeling the heat”. Over the past year we have taken some big steps to enhance our cyber security to ensure the safety of our client’s private information.

Software and Secure Portal: Our team now uses a dual authentication process to access our internal programs. This mitigates the risk of an outside source hacking into our system to steal information. Much like many of you do with your personal banking apps, our team is required to dual authenticate themselves (by a variety of different means) before being granted access to client information. Additionally, we regularly back up our information to reduce the chance of data loss. The tax software we use also encrypts taxpayer information as an additional security measure for our clients and our firm. Another step we have taken is to offer a secure, HIPAA compliant client portal service. Our portal allows clients to securely upload documents for our team to access. It is both convenient, as it can be accessed at any time, and efficient which allows for easy collaboration between The Shealy Group and our clients. We want to create a positive client experience which we feel the portal helps to contribute to.

Education and Awareness: As a consulting firm, we understand the need for education and awareness of potential risks in our industry that could directly affect our clients. Because we are aware of the risks, we treat your information the way we treat our own. Our team participates regularly in continuing education programs and webinars that focus solely on cyber security so that we understand the latest information and can implement security measures to protect ourselves and our clients from outside threats. We also conduct internal audits of our current practices to ensure we are taking the proper steps to safeguard our client’s information.

Though the landscape of cyber security is always changing, we are committed to remaining aware of the risks and doing our due diligence to reduce the chances of a criminal hack on our firm. Our core values (trust, accountability, teamwork and education) are kept in the forefront of our minds when developing our cyber security protocols. Our firm understands that our clients have put their trust in us and that you hold us accountable for protecting your information. The Shealy Group’s promise is that we will continue our efforts and do all that we can to keep your information safe in a digital world.

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