Business Valuation

Business Valuation

Several approaches and methods of valuation analyses exist and should be reviewed, analyzed, and matched to the purpose and circumstances surrounding the subject being valued. The Shealy Group can assist business owners and their advisors to select the most appropriate approach and support it with the required analysis, to achieve a complete, accurate, and supportable valuation. We will also work closely with your financial institution to ensure that your needs are met.

Business Valuation Meeting

The Shealy Group promises to assess your business honestly and to "hold a mirror" to your current value so that you can make strategic decisions. Our team understands that small adjustments and improvements can make your value grow. Trust our team of consultants to not only give you the numbers, but also give you the advice you need from a trusted third party. 

We can help you focus on value growth and align your strategy with valuation goals. The first step is an honest assessment.